How We Score

At Top 10 Background Checks, we consider scoring the most difficult part of our work. However, user feedback has confirmed our suspicions that what our readers value most are our reliable background check recommendations complete with carefully calculated scores. That is why we have decided to continue assigning scores to all companies we review and invest even greater effort into perfecting our rating system.

To make our ratings as fair and relevant as possible, we have come up with a universal 5-criterion system based on the most important qualities of a background check company. Each service we review is assessed and rated in accordance with its reputation, the data sources it uses, the quality of the reports it offers, the average turnaround time, and the value it offers for your money.

When determining the final rating of a certain company, we first assign scores on each of these criteria and calculate the mean value. Then we see how the company compares to its main competitors and adjust the rating if needed.

Since the offers of background check companies are subject to change, so are our ratings. Once assigned scores may be modified whenever companies improve the quality of their reports, alter their pricing, start producing faster results or perhaps lose their reputation. We believe that such an approach based on score modifiability is highly beneficial since it allows us to keep up with the changes in the market and constantly improve the accuracy of our ratings.