It was not so long ago when finding someone’s phone number meant doing some serious work. Going through pages and pages of tiny letters and numbers was not only time consuming but frustrating as well. Even though things have changed and we are lucky enough to live in a time when technological advancements have made everyday tasks much easier, it is still hard to find the right information in the abundance of data available.

Finding someone’s cell number by their name certainly falls into the category of demanding tasks. There are many reasons why people search for someone’s phone number and, usually, the only information they have is the person’s name. From there, you can check search engines or public cell phone directories and use online background check services.

Here is how to easily find someone’s cell number if you only know their name.

Use Search Engines

The most obvious solution to your problem is to type the name into a search engine and see what comes up. However, the result might not be that satisfying. The information you can get from search engines is often outdated, incorrect or not specific enough. By googling someone’s name, you are likely to find many people with the same name whose information is incomplete. Knowing additional personal information can help you narrow the search down, but in cases when you only have the person’s name, your search engine may not be very helpful. Presuming that the number you require exists as some form of public information, here is how to make your search more effective: 

  • Use the full name along with the zip code. Google will process the information and deliver the result closest to the search query.
  • Search the full name. Google will list websites containing contact information including social media profiles that can help identify the right person.
  • Search the domain. The name you are searching for may also refer to a company’s name or a website name.

While search engines are the go-to solution for searching for anything that comes to mind, there are better methods when it comes to finding someone’s cell phone number.

Use Social Media

Another option to search for someone’s cell phone number by their name is to use your existing social media networks. Using a social media platform increases your chances of finding a phone number, but it does not guarantee it. The reason why performing a social media search is better than using a search engine is that people use social media to share information with one another. If the person whose number you are looking for listed their number on their profile, you may be able to find it by using their name. Still, there are some limitations when it comes to using social media, including:

  • The person you are looking for is not your friend so you do not have access to their profile page.
  • The person did not list their phone number on their social media profile.
  • The person whose number you are looking for does not own a social media account.

You are most likely to find someone’s cell phone number by their name on Facebook and LinkedIn.

  1. Facebook contains information like name, email address, workplace, college or other places people are connected through. It is the fastest social networking website with millions of users all over the world, so if the person whose number you wish to obtain made their information publicly available, you can easily find it. 
  2. LinkedIn is the smartest choice for searching a person’s phone number because it is a platform for professionals and its main purpose is to connect people for business purposes. However, many people choose not to list their cell phone numbers for security reasons. On the other hand, if you find the person by name, you can ask for their number in private messages or find information about their place of employment and contact them there directly. 

Use Online Background Check Services 

Using the services of online background check companies is one of the most reliable ways to find the information you need. Almost every background check company has a name search that generates information like various contact numbers, email addresses, residence addresses, and other personal information. If you are looking for quick results, the best option is to use people lookup sites that provide information derived from multiple public sources. Along with the person’s contact details, you may be able to find additional information, including court, birth, death, traffic, and criminal records, family information, social media accounts, associates, income, lifestyle interests, and current and prior jobs. Some of the best people lookup websites are Spokeo, BeenVerified, Intelius, and PeopleFinders. These companies provide thorough and accurate reports for affordable prices, delivering instant results while saving you countless hours of sifting through tons of data by yourself. 

  • Spokeo – The service’s name search option provides information like phone numbers, email addresses, age, addresses, relatives, marital status, and education level. With a monthly subscription, you get 100 searches per month, but you can also purchase a single report if you do not need more. 
  • BeenVerified – The company’s name search includes data like aliases or other names, marital status, current and former addresses, phone numbers, birthdate, family members or roommates, arrest history, conviction record, business associations, work history, and even sex offender registration. BeenVerified does not offer single reports, but its monthly subscriptions are very affordable, starting at under $10 per month and including an unlimited number of searches.
  • Intelius – This company offers a name search option that provides information like full name, age & date of birth, addresses, phone numbers, relatives, social networks, email addresses, employment & education, and more. Its products and services are available through monthly subscription plans as well as in the form of single reports.
  • PeopleFinders – The service’s name search provides information like current and past addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, known relatives and other associates, and many more, depending on your requirements. This company offers solutions for both personal and business use in the form of monthly subscriptions and single reports. 

Use Websites Specifically Designed For Finding Cell Phone Numbers

Another good option for finding someone’s phone number is using specialized websites that either let you search for a number by name or perform reverse phone lookups by number and provide information on the owner. Most number lookup services search landline numbers, but there are some that focus on cell phone numbers as well. For instance, Spy Dialer is a free phone number search site that allows you to look for contact information by searching name, phone, residence, and email address. According to the site, you will get a minimum of 25 free phone number searches a day without having to subscribe for a membership. Spy Dialer uses publicly available information from multiple sources to provide you with the most complete information, unlike other phone lookup sites that only search phone books or white or yellow pages.