A lot of people have trust issues in romantic relationships. Maybe you have been burned already or are just suspicious by nature, but in this day and age, it is hard to resist the temptation of tracking someone’s digital footprint. If you think your partner is not completely honest with you or that they have something to hide, it is easy to check and finally get peace of mind. Here is how to find hidden dating profiles without your partner knowing about it.

Use Your Partner’s Email Address

There are several ways you can use someone’s email address to find their hidden dating profiles. You can start by logging into dating sites you suspect your partner is using by entering their email address. If the website shows messages like error, it is safe to assume there is no account linked to that particular email address.

However, the “forgot password” message means that the website has recognized the email address and that your partner has an account there. You can change the password and log into the account, presuming you know the password to your partner’s email account. Once you are in, make sure to check recent activity, keeping in mind that your partner may have created the account before you met and is no longer an active member. It is important to remember that your partner will likely see the change password email, so make sure to cover your tracks to avoid any suspicion.

Another way to use an email address to find hidden dating profiles is to do a reverse email search using a reliable background check website. Sites like BeenVerified and Spokeo have reverse email search options that enable you to obtain information about people by using their email addresses.

Generating a report takes only a few seconds, after which you will be privy to information like full name, addresses, social media profiles, contact info, job & education info, and more. What makes using an online background check company better than simply Googling an email address is that search engines identify email addresses used on public platforms like Facebook while background check companies use thousands of sources to search through a huge number of public records to get a match.

If an email address is tied to a dating profile, you are most likely to find it by using an online background check company. Depending on the company, you can also do a name, phone number, and address search.

Create A Fake Dating Profile

If you are positive that your partner has a hidden dating profile, you can try to catch them in the act by creating a dating profile of your own. You can create a false profile so you do not get caught and use it to spy on your partner. It is highly unlikely that your partner is using their real name on a dating site, which will make finding their profile difficult, but you can narrow the search down by entering general criteria such as age, location, hair color, etc. If it turns out you were wrong and you end up finding nothing, be sure to delete your account, not deactivate, so you do not end up being the one accused of cheating.

Check Your Partner’s Phone

There are lots of excuses you can use to check your partner’s phone. You can ask to borrow the phone to make a call or send a text. But before you ask, familiarize yourself with the phone’s features so you know how to use it. Go through the recently used apps, which you can easily access by double-clicking on the home button for iPhone or holding any screen using two fingers for Samsung Android. If something looks suspicious, enter the app.

The username and password fields will probably be filled automatically. However, if that is not the case, you can try obtaining the login details from the device itself. For iPhone, go to settings, select Passwords & Accounts, then Website & App Passwords. Note that you will need to enter the passcode to view the saved information. For Android, go to settings, select passwords, and scroll through the saved passwords.

Another option for iPhone is to swipe left and view notifications and alerts from apps like Tinder or use the shortcuts feature to view the most used app on the phone. For Android, open Google Play Store, select My Apps, and see what was installed.

Final Thoughts 

Bottom line is, if there is a will, there is a way. If you are determined to find out if your partner has a hidden dating profile, you are likely to uncover it by using some of the methods mentioned above. Remember, being noisy can easily backfire and your partner may never forgive you for invading their privacy, not to mention they can rightfully have major trust issues in the future. If you want to be subtle but still satisfy your curiosity, use an online background check company. It will save you the trouble of doing the work yourself and provide you with the information you require – if there is any data to provide in the first place.