About Us

Top 10 Background Checks was born out of the surprising realization that background check services vastly outnumber reliable online sources that could help consumers make the right choice for their screening needs. After becoming aware of the incredible amount of time it took us to identify background check companies we actually felt comfortable using, we decided to expand our knowledge even further and share it with everyone who may benefit from it.

What we wanted to create was an all-encompassing guide that could help inexperienced users learn what they need to pay attention to when choosing the right background check company and discover which currently available services are actually worth considering. Furthermore, we wanted to introduce our readers to all the different alternatives to conventional background checks and acquaint them with both the advantages and downsides of all the options before them.

After many months of painstaking research, we believe that we have managed to achieve our goal. The result of our work is a collection of informative reviews, reliable background check recommendations for a variety of screening purposes, and insightful articles filled with useful advice we wish someone gave us when we first felt the need to run a background check on someone. Since our mission is to make background check education available to all, we have decided never to ask our readers for any money, be it in the form of a subscription fee or a donation. Our content is and always will be available completely free of charge. We obtain the funds necessary to keep our project running through participation in affiliate programs. To learn more about our monetization model, please read our earnings disclosure.