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When you need a person in your life vetted, you turn to a background check company. When you need a background check company vetted, you turn to us. Our selection of the best background check companies is the result of continuous and meticulous research that ensures you get accurate and relevant information on any person of interest every single time.

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BeenVerified review

BeenVerified Review

An affordable way to obtain public data

BeenVerified is a background check company that lets its users find, investigate or reconnect with people they wish to know more about. Its features are easy to use, its reports detailed and accurate, and its subscriptions budget-friendly. To discover more about the company and its services, read our detailed BeenVerified review.

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Spokeo review

Spokeo Review

The best people lookup provider

Spokeo is a background check service that collects public data and enables you to quickly and easily get the information you are looking for. With 20M customers per month and more than 500K searches performed every day, Spokeo is one of the leading people search companies on the market today. To find out if the service works as advertised, read our honest Spokeo review.

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PeopleFinders review

PeopleFinders Review

A pioneer in providing background check services

Discover more about one of the oldest background check companies in the business with more than 30 years of experience in bringing you accurate and up-to-date information from billions of public records compiled in one place. Read our PeopleFinders review to learn more about the company’s current offer, benefits, and prices.

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Top 10 Background Checks

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